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Who We Are

POSH Food Products was promoted by 2 entrepreneurs Mr. Paresh Shah, Mech. Eng. and Mr. Nilesh Shah, B.Com., on a very small scale in 1997.

Initially company manufactured Custard Powder, Corn Flour and Baking Powder in bulk packings. After penetrating into market with the network of distributors company introduced consumer packings of other products like Icecream Mix, Jelly Crystal, D.C. etc. Today POSH Food Products is supplying their products to all major towns in entire India through a network of three cons. agents of more than hundred distributors.

Mr. Paresh Shah who has got experience of more than 15 years in sales and marketing is looking after sales with the support of sales manager headed by a team of sales executives placed at different towns in India.

Mr. Nilesh Shah looks after production and quality control in the factory.

All 'POSH' products are manufactured under hygienic conditions and undergo a strict quality control during different stages of production by qualified and experienced staff.

Comapany has get ISI registration for their two products .... mainly Custard Powder and Corn Flour.

POSH Food Products has plans to introduce other products like Ice-cream mix, cocoa powder, caramel pudding and sauces in near future.

Also company has plans to diversify in the line of manufacturing of pickles, masalas, chutenys etc.

We strive to create a better future by being involved in everything we do. We pay attention to constant progress and raise the quality of our services.